Monday, June 6, 2011

home renovation: baby's room

Our home renovation was originally intended to begin with the main living spaces, the living room and kitchen. Very quickly those plans changed as we realized as we were physically moving into the house that the soon-to-be-born baby's room just wasn't going to cut it as is. I didn't want to bring home my first-born to this ugly room with yucky dirty carpet. We were already painting the room a lovely gray and decided the floor just need to be addressed, too. So in went new twist carpet, a modern white and silver ceiling fan, and pretty furniture. We also have new prettier lever doorknobs that still need to be installed, but Axel has a harder time opening up the current doors so we'll keep it that way for now. (Click on any photo for a bigger better quality view.)

Here's what the room was like before (with the previous owner's stuff still in it):

After we closed on the house and before we actually moved in my mom and sister helped me do a lot of painting...the Tinkerbell green just had to go. I decided early on in my pregnancy that I wanted a neutral we didn't find out before his birth if Axel was going to be a girl or boy. I finally settled on Pebble Grey by Glidden (Home Depot). I wanted all of my baby's things to bring the color into the room. And I love how it turned out! Axel's room is my favorite room in our house.

Some details:

The ribbon mobile I made myself...I used Martha Stewart's instructions found here. The crib is a discontinued model (I got a good discount!) by Amy Coe and all the other furniture (dresser, bookshelf, rocker, curtains, green mirror, the wall clock) are from Ikea.

The "Happy Axel" banner is from Axel's 1st birthday (where the banner hung in the dining room and I later took out the "Birthday" part of the banner and hung it in his room).

The quilt hanging over the crib was made by the women in my quilting group...I love it and it fits the spirit of the room perfectly!

Those are Axel's newborn footprints on the wall hanging next to the "Ich bin ein Kind von Gott" ("I am a Child of God") my sister made for my baby shower.

The pictures in the room include a picture of Chirst, photos of Karl and I when we were about 2 years old, photos of both our mothers when they were pregnant with us and a few family photos.

The round halo light also came from Ikea and gives out the perfect amount of light for nighttime feeding or calming night-night routines.

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Anonymous said...

You did a great job with the baby’s room! Even though I think the previous green on the walls is okay, the neutral color looks much better. It goes better with the carpet color too. I think it’s also more relaxing for the baby as well. The floor-length shears are better than what was originally there too.

-- Mya Chandler

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