Monday, January 9, 2012

home renovation: laundry closet

The next room we tackled for our home was the laundry closet. This was a space that we had not expected to do for quite a while but once again the house had other plans.

When we first moved in we had bought our first ever very own washer and dryer. Lovely front loading LGs that play a little tune when their load is done and I fell in love at first use!

And they worked great...expect the dryer took like two hours. And even then the clothes sometimes weren't dry yet.

Karl did some investigative work in the attic and found that the lint exhaust wasn't really working. The problem seemed to be the hose that ran from the dryer to the outside was clogged up with lint and water. Eeek!

So, a little over a year ago, the laundry closet moved up the priority list!

Here's the before photos with the previous owner's washer and dryer. One of the other annoying quirks about this set up is that the cabinets were a little too shallow. The one that held my laundry detergent never closed all the way.

We ripped out everything. We found mold behind the cabinets but Karl cleaned it up himself and ripped all of the back wall. Karl redid a lot of the pipes and exhausts and put in a new lint exhaust including adding a fan that turns on automatically to help exhaust the lint outside. Then he put it all back together with new pretty cabinets from Ikea and I painted the walls a light blue. We even found new doors.

I was shocked the first time I did a load in the dryer and it only took 2o minutes!

Prettier AND more efficient!
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