Saturday, August 27, 2011

home renovation: master bedroom

When we decided to buy this house we immediately began making renovation plans: both what to do and what order to do them.

We wanted to do the living room and kitchen first, but the house had other plans. We quickly found that need would end up dictating the order we would get things done. Which is why we did the baby's room first. The new baby just had to have new room. So then we were going to do the living room...

However, the walls of most of the house were painted in this awful fleshy brown-ish beige that was just depressing. And I was especially getting sick of it in our bedroom. So we decided to paint.

But once we got the pretty grey paint on the walls (the same Pebble Grey as the baby's room), the raunchy carpet just looked twice as bad. So we decided we might as well get some new carpet, too. And since we were doing that we ought to put in a new ceiling fan as well. And curtains, of course.

Master bedroom before: (with all the previous owner's stuff in it)

So we bought a new ceiling fan, took it out of its box, had second thoughts, then took it back and bought a different ceiling fan. Then we picked out some carpet, then checked at another store and picked out some different carpet, got the room measured, decided we didn't want carpet, canceled our order, then found some bamboo floor and got that instead. Karl spent two weeks installing our beautiful floor (I did help some) Then we installed new trim work (tall base boards and thinner crown and door molding) and I found some new curtains (that didn't weigh a ton) and voila! New and beautiful master bedroom!

Here's a video of our then 11-month old son playing in the new room without the furniture. You don't want to see it with the furniture. Our bedroom furniture is still very mis-matched and odd. One of these days...

But at least the floors and ceiling fan and moldings and curtains are beautiful!

Master bedroom after: (with my cute boy in it)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

blog: bookshelf porn

I recently found a great blog consisting solely of photos of bookshelves.

Looking through the photos I find the same words running over and over through my mind "I want to be there...I want to be there...I want to be there..."

Is there anything better than a wellstocked bookcase and a cozy nook nearby?

I don't think so.

"I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library."
- Jorge Luis Borges

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